CAD Express – Quick Intro

This is how our process typically works; if you have a specialized project or need your CAD files expedited even more, let us know.

  • 1. Contact Us by Phone or Email 808-280-0929 or email.
  • 2. Once we receive your files we will provide a detailed quote; you’ll get the file output(s) you want and a clear schedule of deliveries and cost. You will see that we deliver value for pricing in terms of saving you time as well. For example, saving 2 to 4 weeks on converting hand-drawn plans to CAD might save you up to one month rent on your current condo!
  • 3. After receiving your deposit we get to work and convert to CAD based on your needs; we have staff working around the clock to speed up your project. We know that you want to get all the design work done so that you can start building your dream home.
  • 4. We can return files to you in smaller batches or all at once; the benefit of the former is that your engineer(s) and architect can start reviewing some files right away.
We work with residential steel framing as well as wood.

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Floor Framing Steel PDF

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